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Trojan Barbie

Aufführung in englischer Sprache

Gastspiel RAI - renegade actors innsbruck 

A car-crash encounter with Euripides’ Trojan Women. Past and present violently collide when Lotte, an English doll maker, is captured while on a tour of current-day Troy and flung back into the ancient camp where she meets Hecuba, Andromache, and the other imprisoned women of Troy. Part contemporary drama, part homage to Euripides’ classical tragedy, Christine Evans’ Trojan Barbie recasts the legendary fall of the city of Troy against the vivid reality of modern warfare. 

Poetic, compassionate, and tinged with warmth and humour, Trojan Barbie is an epic war story with an unlikely heroine, who always looks on the bright side.  


Di, 20:00
Fr, 20:00