Viaduktbogen 32
6020 Innsbruck

A Nerd Compilation

60 min of comedy without saying a word

Gastspiel: Nicola Virdis

In few words, it's a easy and funny show about the 80s, no words at all. The audience will guide the show, choose one box at a time and thus build the show's lineup.

*written by Nicola Virdis, Bruno Furnari and Gigi Saronni, directed by Bruno Furnari

Virdis brings to the stage a whirlwind of gags and comic situations that

involve and entertain the public. A very original show that is never the

same: in fact it is the audience who helps and guide the Nerd in the

construction of the sequence of the gags and together with him, on the spot, build the performance "lineup".

With his incredible comedy, Virdis will propose scenic actions, musical

games and surreal finds using strictly 80s objects and situations,

making the public understand a very original concept:

"If you know how to lose you’ve already won!”


15 € 

10€ for Kids under 10 years

Chips Act

Rings Juggling Act


Fr, 20:00