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The Padlock

Theaterstück in englischer Sprache - von Isaac Bickerstaffe

Based on Miguel de Cervantes The Jealous Husband the play The Padlock, set in Salamanca, is about the nobleman Don Diego who has reached an agreement with Leonora's parents to marry her after living with him / locking her up for three months. 

34 years her senior, Don Diego sets out to meet her parents to complete the deal and leaves Leonora in the care of his servant Ursula and the slave Mungo. Reluctant to trust Ursula and his wife-to-be Leonora, he secures all the doors in the house and hands over the keys to Ursula; what Ursula and the rest do not know is that he puts a large padlock on the outer door of his house. 

When he returns earlier than expected, he finds Leonora with Leander, a Young Scholar from the local university who has gained entry through Mungo's gullibility and passsion for Music, and Mungo inebriated and ready to rebel against his master. 

Studierende haben im Zuge eines Proseminars am Institut für Anglistik an der Universität Innsbruck dieses Stück erarbeitet und bringen es nun auf die BogenTheater Bühne. 


Fr, 20:00