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DOUBLE BILL: "Have You Eyes?" & "To the Light/Over. A Postmodern Pilgrimage"

MARILYNMACHINE (London) & RAI – renegade actors innsbruck

MARILYNMACHINE (London) &  RAI – renegade actors innsbruck Staged as part of the international conference “Terror on Tour: Borders, Detours & Contingencies” “Have You Eyes?” contrasts two stories; the first from an anonymous Englishman who experiences ‘appalling’ customer service from a London hotel, as posted on a consumer website. The second from an anonymous interview with a Syrian refugee, who risks his life to cross the Aegean Sea to the sanctuary of Europe. The piece and its title are inspired by the Closet scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

In “To the Light/Over. A Postmodern Pilgrimage”, a group of pilgrims set out to seek salvation, travelling towards the mysterious ‘Light-Tover’ (or is it Lighthouse?) where they’re hoping to meet Mr Kurtz, a most eloquent orator. En route, they tell their stories of previous travels and adventures. But the nearer they get to the Lighthouse, the farther they get from political or spiritual enlightenment. As Kurtz morphs into Trump, the pilgrims turn into colonisers, and their journey becomes an invasion of a country devastated by war. Start: 10 am

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