Viaduktbogen 32
6020 Innsbruck

14.01.So, 20:00HOLY COW!

An immigrant's epic adventure across race, religion, language and international borders. This show is hilarious, original and refreshing. Standard Geplant

Sundeep was born in India, but now identifies as a Luxembourger. With his unique style of comedic storytelling, Sundeep has entertained audiences with his misadventures as an Indian immigrant, from being married to a Polish woman and getting thrown out of a church, to being mistaken for a kidnapper.

Growing up with a disability, he was terrified of public speaking, but now he jokes about disability, mostly because he can.

Sundeep is also a writer and actor, and recently had the pleasure of getting brutally murdered on a Netflix show, which made a lot of people very happy. Especially his ex-wife.

He has toured and performed all over Europe and India, including sold out shows at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he was listed in the top 10 international comedians to watch.


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